Chiropractic Treatment Options

Cowesett Chiropractic: Dr. Rick Jardon

Physiotherapy modalities

Interfential therapy (electrical muscle therapy)

Works to reduce:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Muscle spasm


Used to reduce inflammation and pain


Used to stimulate healing in damaged tissue

Chiropractic manipulation

Used to reduce pain, align vertabra, decrease stiffness and inflammation, improve mobility, and reduce disability.


Used to gently increase range of motion of the back and other joints.


Rehabilitative exercise programs customized to your condition to speed healing and return to normal activities of daily living.

Physical therapy

My clinic is associated with Sport and Spine Physical Therapy next door and I often provide that option when indicated.

Nutritional supplementation

Advice on using natural products to reduce inflammation, pain, spasms, as well as to promote preventative measures to avoid the use of medications that have side effects.

Orthopedic supplies

    A host of products to lessen pain and support your injured area as well as products that help prevent injury:

  • Neck and back braces
  • Gel packs for heat and cold treatment
  • BIOFREEZE (topical pain reliever)
  • Various joint supports and splints
  • Custom foot orthotics for flat feet, heel spurs, arch pain, etc.