Help for Knee Pain   Patients with knee pain have “impaired ability to absorb load” when landing from a jump, leading to more pain.   While knee pain can come from many sources, here are 5 tips that can help: ✅Minimize activities that […]

What’s Best for Back Pain?

(View / Like Us on Facebook: Journal of Pain: “There is no clear evidence to support any combination drug therapy for the management of low back pain and sciatica.” So what works? Spinal manipulation is endorsed as a highly […]

When Sprains Aren’t Simple New research has shown that ankle sprains can trigger “fatty degeneration” of the supporting muscles resulting in chronic instability & greater chances of reinjury. Proper rehab is essential to prevent even “simple” injuries from becoming a lifetime annoyance. If […]

Quitting Smoking? Research confirms that tobacco use remains a LEADING cause of death & disability in the US; killing almost 6 million people annually… Up to half of all smokers will die from a smoking related illness like heart disease, lung […]